Dave Cline
Lake Oswego, Oregon


Accomplished internet/mobile/desktop developer/architect experienced in the design, construction, management and maintenance of complex web, mobile, desktop and trading applications; has successfully designed and constructed multiple data acquisition, document generation, publishing and information management web applications; effectively designed, coded, extended and maintained web sites for shipment tracking, sales management, market research and financial management; recently designed and constructed multiple mobile audio and text based data distribution applications;  published in multiple print and online technical journals.


• C#, Compact Framework, ASP.NET 10 years recent
• JavaScript, jQuery, DHTML 15 years recent
• SQL Server (6.5, 7, 2k, 2K5, 2K8) + DTS 15 years recent
• N-Tier/services application architecture 15 years recent
• Database Design, ETL 15 years recent
• MSXML, XML, XSLT 15 years recent
• Web Services, SOAP, WSDL 10 years recent
• Active Server Pages ASP, IIS 15 years recent
• Windows Mobile 5.0 CF 2.0 3 years seldom
• Palm OS 5+ Treo 650 2 years seldom
• Visual Basic (3, 4, 5, 6) 15 years inactive
• COM, COM+, ADO 10 years inactive
• MS Access + (VBA) 7 years inactive
• Java (1.4), Tomcat, AXIS, Ant 2 years inactive


Project: Automated Trading and Order Execution System - [Stealth model financial services company] - San Mateo, CA
Task: Market data and trade order service adapters, custom market indicators and analytics, real time and back tested trading strategies, developer documentation, RDB support.
Tech: C# .NET 2.0,3.0,4.0,4.5 SQL2005, MTA (market technical analysis)
Construction: Ongoing
Role: Senior developer.
Result: Migrated data storage from file based to SQLServer, wrote extensive how-to documentation, researched and created dozens of technical market indicators, trading strategies. Created multiple market data feed adapters for high throughput quote feeds.
Project: Smartdevice Mobile Platform "MeInc." - The SCO Group - Lindon, UT
Task: Architect and construct mobile apps for the Treo 650 and Treo 700w
Tech: Palm OS 5+, HB++, Java, MySql, Windows Mobile 5.0, .NET CF2.0, C#
Construction: 18 months
Role: Primary device architect and developer.
Result: Built ~10 mobile applications. Custom design XML parser. Designed unique PDB delivery system. Was sole client developer for the Me Inc. product line.
Project: UnixWare Packaging - The SCO Group - Linden, UT
Task: Prepare for production the SCOx WSS (Web Services Substrate) CD 
Tech: UnixWare 7.1.3, Bourne Shell, Unix package commands, Microsoft Virtual PC
Construction: 10 months
Role: Project Lead, managed all requirements and tasks for the five WSS products to be bundled and scripted for installation, managed production of SQLe - SQL Encapsulator.
Result: Learned Bourne shell and proved to the older Unix engineers that scripting and packaging is not a complex process. Reduced entire packaging procedure to one master dispatch script. Delivered WSS CD on time for inclusion in the UnixWare 7.1.4 release. Required knowledge of OpenSSL, SSL, Apache, Tomcat, mod_jk, Microsoft Services for Unix (SFU 3.5) and Microsoft Virtual PC in which UnixWare was installed and tested.
Project: Netscape 7 port - Vultus.com - Linden, UT (Purchased by The SCO Group 6/03)
Task: Port the Vultus WebFace browser based application framework to Netscape 7.0+
Tech: JavaScript, W3 DOM, XML, XMLHTTP, XSLT, XPATH 
Construction: 20 months
Role: Responsible for Netscape/Mozilla compatibility and creative solutions to outstanding performance issues.
Result: WebFace is a full fledged application framework built to run within Internet Explorer 5+ and now, Netscape/Mozilla 7.0+. This product provides for a Windows like programming experience using nothing more than an XML description file and the extensive JavaScript library framework built by the Vultus team. Additional enhancement with regards to performance, multi-child windows and caching was also performed. The technology behind WebFace was a major factor in the purchase of Vultus by The SCO Group.
Project: TripPlanner - Education Planning Solutions - Orem, UT
Task: Design and construct a Web based fieldtrip planning application
Tech: ASP.NET, C#, SQLServer, XML, XSLT, ESRI Route Server
Construction: 2 months
Role: Lead/Sole Developer 
Result: TripPlanner is EPS's initial offering of its new Administrative Internet Solutions division. As of 2/1/03 there are 2 pending sales of this system by EPS to school districts in Illinois and Georgia. This product was built using ASP.NET page templates, User Controls and contains a complex class architecture which allows communication to the ESRI Route Server product for retrieving maps and driving directions. 
Project: Website rebuild - ModernDisplay - Salt Lake City, UT
Task: Strip and rebuild ModernDisplay's 40,000 item strong Web front-end
Tech: Classic ASP Classes, SQLServer, Visual Basic 6, XML, XSLT 
Construction: 2 months
Role: Lead/Sole Developer
Result: ModernDisplay's site is now fully configurable through a dedicated VB client program. All content is stored in a SQLServer database. Navigation and content is fully data driven using a novel approach which uses XML and XSL to dynamically assemble the HTML output. An application wide cache of the entire category/product table set stored in a single XML document allows almost instantaneous retrieval of deep tree navigation selection and pre-built HTML content. The site was reduced to a set of 10 dynamic pages from a muddled mess of over 100.
Project: Mountainstream.com - personal site
Task: Reconstruct Mountainstream.com using ASP.NET
Tech: ASP.NET, C#, SQLServer, XML, XSLT, WebServices
Construction: 1 month
Role: Lead/Sole Developer
Result: Mountainstream.com is now a clean and coherent outdoor activity search engine. This was my first attempt at coding using ASP.NET and C# and much was learned. User Controls and Web Services were two of the technologies I explored. 
Project: Web Reporting Infrastructure - Certiport.com - American Fork, UT
Task: Design and build both the server side and client side components of the company's reporting solution
Tech: Classic ASP, JavaScript, Visual Basic 6, ActiveReports, XML, XSLT
Construction: 3 months
Role: Staff Developer
Result: By creative use of a set of custom configuration tables I was able to have multiple developers create and submit dozens of custom reports into the Certiport reporting infrastructure. All reports were built to allow dynamic parameterization via the Web. The output being dynamically chosen by the user. This project was so successful I was asked to write an article for ActiveReports describing the methods I employed.
Project: Data Warehouse and Decision Support Prototype - Marin County, CA 
Task: Design and build a prototype application which collected, reconciled and queried multiple sources of county and state provided data.
Tech: Classic ASP, Visual Basic 6, SQLServer, XML, XSLT, JavaScript
Construction: 3 months
Role: Sole Developer
Result: Information from sources such as mental health, county welfare, women's health, child support, state welfare, and others was spread across disparate databases and systems. County administrators desired a comprehensive view of the participants registered within each data system, a "where is Jane in our system" type view. I built SQLServer DTS (data transformation services) jobs which loaded and reconciled multiple sources of data (CICS, FTP, Access, SQLServer). And then built the query interface which allowed complex visual joining across the multiple data sets. Using this project as a technology preview I presented the techniques used to the entire county IT department for their education in emerging technologies. This prototype was so successful fulltime developers were hired to continue the data consolidation and DSS development.
Project: Market Research Collection - Atnocost.com - Novato, CA
Task: Design and build a ground-up public Website which collected marketing demographics from site participants
Tech: Classic ASP, Visual Basic 6, JavaScript, SQLServer, XML, XSLT
Construction: 18 months
Role: Lead/Sole Developer
Result: Atnocost was designed to harvest demographics and product opinions from web guests. Product samples, product feedback, guest referrals, an elaborate point system, bonus prizes, a points store, as well as an entire product administration site were all built to manage and run the site. It was a great success. But the company fell victim to the dot com bubble burst and is no longer in operation.
Project: CRM - California School Age Care Consortium - San Francisco, CA
Task: Design and build an all encompassing information management system for tracking people, agencies, training, membership and conferences.
Tech: Visual Basic 6, SQLServer, Classic ASP (used as Web services), XMLRPC
Construction: 4 months
Role: Sole Developer
Result: Built in 1999 this application continues to be the primary information management application for CalSAC. "InfoBase" used a proprietary form of XMLRPC to send and retrieve data through ASP into and out of a SQLServer database which allows a dedicated Visual Basic application to communicate via HTTP. 
Project: Research Analyst Publishing System "Pubs" - Hambrecht & Quist - SF, CA
Task: Design and build a publishing system for the high tech research analysts at H&Q.
Tech: Classic ASP, Visual Basic 6, Sybase, MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat, UNIX integration
Construction: 18 months
Role: Lead/Sole Developer
Result: The "Pubs" application was one of only two applications which the IT department of H&Q successfully built and deployed in the late 1990's. When H&Q was purchase by Chase Bank and then later by JP Morgan the Pubs application continued to provide research analysts from all three companies the mechanism to publish their time sensitive research out to the "street." This application relied upon MS Word and Excel to open, dissect and reconstruct research. All research product was then printed to PDF using server automation and then sent out through an existing UNIX distribution application. Research publishing went from being a 3 day process to a 3 minute, streamlined pleasure.

The above project set is representative of my development career. I have successfully completed and deployed many more projects and would be delighted to review these in person.  

Employment Experience

Technical Developer 2006 - current
[Stealth model financial services company]

  • Using C#, T-SQL, WinForms, build and maintain Tier1 market trading platform
  • Design and build market trading strategies and indicators
  • Write developer documentation and trading documentation
  • Extend product through market data adapters and RDB exposure
  • Build and manage analytic website using jQuery, JSON, Flot, Silverlight

Product Engineer 2003 - 2006
The SCO Group (www.sco.com)

  • Design and construct mobile applications for the Treo 650 and Treo 700w
  • Built and managed SQLe - a SQL to Web Services generation tool
  • Managed hiring process for development engineers
  • Wrote documentation for multiple products

Partner, Independent Consultant 2000 - present
The Mountainstream Group

Architectural Lead 1994 - 2000
InfoRespond 50 First Street Suite 509, San Francisco, CA (now shutdown)

  • Application designer/programmer generating custom interactive data/web programs for corporate information systems.
  • Focused on customer requirements, project accuracy and timely completion.
  • Delivered dozens of successful client/server, intranet and extranet applications.
  • Trained and lead team of 1 to 15 fellow developers.
  • Chief Operation Officer 1985 - 1994
    Arrgh! Manufacturing Co. Inc, Novato CA. 415.897.0220

    • Engineer, design and manufacture 8 bit, assembler coded control products (includes schematic capture, pcb layout and proto testing).
    • Create, design and proof installation and operation instructions for employer’s product line.
    • Manage manufacturing staff, quality check current employer’s product line.
    • Co-sign company's checking and payroll accounts.

    Silverlight demonstration
    (Spring 2012)
    This application was completely built by myself; the front end, middle tier running on IIS and analytic components that drive the data analysis. C#, Silverlight 4.0, WCF, IIS, SQLServer.
    Silverlight trading color application demo

    Analytic demonstration website (2011-2014)
    This website and all of the analytic pages, middle tier controller and analytic models were designed and programmed by me. It uses various jQuery plugins, Flot charting, treeview and dynamic table script. It retrieves JSON which is stored in a SQLServer database by analytics running on a back-end server. The development stack includes C#, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, IIS, SQLServer.
    Javascript analytic website

    Documentation demonstration
    This linked flash video demonstrates some of the breadth of my technical documentation skills.
    Technical how-tos and training documentation

    Publications, Education & Certifications

    The Ultimate Web Developers Handbook, Chapter 18 ASP Classes
    AMACOM Publishing 2001

    Expanding Hierarchies in SQLServer
    ASPtoday.com September 2001

    Formatted Output from ASP
    15 Seconds December 1998

    The A-Z's of VBScript Data Dictionaries
    MIND (Microsoft Internet Developer) June 1998

    Designing ASP files within Visual Basic
    MIND (Microsoft Internet Developer) April 1998

    Northern Colorado University
    Greeley Colorado, General Engineering 1981-82.

    University of Alaska
    Fairbanks Alaska. General Engineering 1980.

    Microsoft Windows 95
    Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)


    References provided to serious inquiries only.