Novels by Dave Cline:

The Gribble's Eye
The world is falling apart. Is the Holocene over? Are Calamity and Catastrophe back with a vengeance? The Eyes of a mythical giant and the untested resolve of a teen-age girl may be the only hope humanity has of containing Chaos and all that he wishes to unleash upon humankind. Can young Sadie, with the help of Allie, her friend and tutor, Harry, her faithful wolfhound, and the unlikely guidance and support of a pair of ancient Greek legends, centuries out of their time, secure the Gates of Chaos and save human civilization?

Blue Across the Sea
Blue Across the Sea is set in the year 2250 and portrays young Tillion as he sails a new inland sea created through centuries of climate change. During a devastating storm he is shipwrecked. Alone on a distant shore a strange clan of warriors rescue him and return with him to their town where he learns that kindness and sharing are not anomalies in the world. Tillion proves himself worthy through deed and dedication. His cleverness earns him high regard for which they ultimately ask him to join them. The people of Tillion’s world are doubly challenged. Not only has the climate changed, but centuries ago, a storm within the sun delivered annihilation to human society. Electricity, as humanity came to rely upon, vanished in a heartbeat.

Work in progress: 
Shadow Shoals -- a story set in 2250 where an older matriarch shepherds a band of children around the Chesapeake Bay, across the country, over the Rocky Mountains and down to the Bonneville Inland Sea. 

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